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January 15, 2015

Lavender and Oatmeal Soaps


California has been a hot mess of weather this winter. One minute it’s cold and rainy¬†and the next it’s back to summer heat, which means lots of dry and itchy skin. These lavender and oatmeal soaps made with shea butter are exactly the cure for that and smell wonderful. The oatmeal works as a moisturizing exfoliant and the lavender is calm and soothing. Make a batch to give to friends, or make a few in heart shapes for Valentine’s Day!

Check out the Lavender and Oatmeal Soap tutorial after the jump…


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January 14, 2015

DIY Stone and Cork Trivet

DIY Stone and Cork Trivet
Whenever I go to the craft store I find myself spending a good few minutes in the aisle filled with bags of colorful stones. I had a fish once (until I accidentally cooked him in the sun. R.I.P. Melvin) and I had always planned to fill the bottom of his bowl with the prettiest stones (he didn’t make it that long). Since I clearly can’t even keep a fish alive, I decided to put the stones to a different use and turn them into this pretty trivet to go with my favorite Christmas present ever. What do you think? Pick out a bag of colorful pebbles and let’s get started.

DIY Stone and Cork Trivet

Check out the full DIY Stone and Cork Trivet tutorial after the jump…


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January 13, 2015

Scarlet’s Redecorated Big Girl Bedroom Tour

Scarlet's Big Girl Bedroom
Scarlet is almost seven years old! Gah! You guise!! How did that happen? Remember when she used to look like this? I can’t believe I was making that crib-size duvet five whole years ago. I am trying to even, but I can’t. Well, anyhoooo, along with being seven comes certain airs of grown-up-edness that she felt needed to be addressed in her room. Like, for example, she wanted a desk upon which to do her homework (or endless hours of beados), and a cozy place to read and play her guitar.

I was happy to oblige because I love a good redecorating project. I did, however, want to find pieces that suited her personality now, but would also grow with her into her teen years. As much as I would enjoy re-decorating her room bi-annually, no one can afford that. So I refinished a vintage (read: cheap/dumpster worthy) desk (wait until you see the before pics), and snagged some investment pieces, then she and I decorated all the its and bits together.
Scarlet's "Office"

I hope you find some inspiration here!

Scarlet in her room

Come, take a tour with me to see what we did and find out my sources for all of this amazing stuff… (more…)

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